Peaches & Business

Low-hanging fruit. We’ve all heard the old saying in regards to gaining new customers and pursuing new business. It means to go after the easiest clients to get… the ones that take little effort. But before you do that, let me tell you a little story…

The Peach Tree

We have a gigantic peach tree in our backyard. The other day I decided that I was going to harvest all of the peaches that I could before the birds beat me to it. I grabbed a bowl, headed out to the tree and got to work.

I immediately grabbed the peaches on the lower branches because… well… they were the easiest to take. My dog was harassing me the whole time trying to snatch them from my bowl or directly from the branches. Frankly, some of them were quite rotten so I had to throw them away.

While I am a tall human being, there were many peaches that were way out of reach. So, I dragged out my a-frame ladder to reach the hard to get peaches I hoped tasted even better than what was at the bottom of the tree. I climbed up the ladder and reached as high as I could. While I was reaching as far as I could without tipping, there was a monsterous beetle buzzing me the entire time I was working. I even got dive-bombed by a bird at one point. I thought to myself, “Is this really worth it?”

After about 20 minutes of peach harvesting, I decided that I had gotten all the peaches that I could. With a bowl overflowing with fresh peaches, I went back inside to begin the jelly making and canning process. In the end, I ended up getting about 8 jars of delicious peach jelly. It was totally worth it!

So, why did I tell you a story about peaches and why is the title of this article “Peaches and Business”? Everything I experienced during my fruit harvest relates to pursuing new customers for your business.

The Low-Hanging Fruit

While the low-hanging fruit may be easier to get and there is more of it, it’s not always the best choice as far as gaining long-term client relationships. If you offer the cheapest rate just to undercut your competition, those customers who came to you because of that cheap rate may leave you for the same reason… someone else will be cheaper next time. The low-hanging fruit can also have ‘dogs of business’ fighting for the same fruit. Also, that low-hanging fruit may be more rotten than the fruit that resides a little higher on the tree.

The Hard-to-Reach Peach

It might take more work and time on your part to reach the higher fruit on the harder to reach branches, but that fruit will most likely taste even sweeter. Sure, there might be some competition buzzing you or technology that is trying to distract you from your goal, but you have to stay focused. The business that you can gain by reaching farther and pushing yourself could turn out to be the best client you’ve ever had. Sometimes the ‘long-play’ will result in even deeper customer relationships and more trust – keeping them with you when the dogs of business pursue their low-hanging fruit.

That’s Just Peachy

If you want to grow your business and build better client relationships, consider reaching a little higher and going the extra mile. When you are able to finally harvest those hard-to-reach peaches, the reward will be so much sweeter!

At Mr. Freeland Design, we strive to help you reach the sweeter fruit at the top and avoid the rotten fruit that the other dogs are fighting for. Contact us today and we will provide the tools necessary to reach more clients with a more concise message. And that’s just peachy!

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